As Oscar faced his youth with a determination that was all encompassing he began to look for the way he could make it to where he wanted to be. There were many options that presented themselves to him through his youth. Many paths that he could have started down which may or may not have ended up with him reaching the goals that were eating away at him from the inside out. He was not the kind to burn bridges. He would always investigate the opportunity, learn what he could about the industry, search out competition, looked into any possible hurdles that might keep him from success and ultimately make a decision based upon his findings about the real and true chance of overwhelming success in any given industry.

What he learned in these early years would serve him well for the rest of his life. He did find many paths of interest and he ended up with a few lifelong hobbies from this time searching for some specific path to the better lifestyle he knew existed. He would consider a general business degree so he could try climbing the traditional ladder of success but decided that the was a bad decision for what he was trying to do. You see, if he could be satisfied with a normal life he would probably have taken this choice. His parents both tried their best to convince him it was right but he felt in his heart that there must be a better way so he continued to look.

For a time he wanted to be a politician because they do make some very nice wages plus the health and retirement packages are top notch. He figured that he could take advantages of the financial perks while making a real difference in society and the world. He would soon come to realize that being a politician is not really all that it is cracked up to be… Many politicians get into it to make a difference but the fact of the matter is that there are so many people who you must get support from in order to take any major office that it is really impossible to do without being in somebodies pocket. That was something he just could not stand. What kind of life is it having to collectively bargain for something that should be common sense? How would you take it if you were unable to make the difference you hoped to? These were questions he had no interest in answering.

What he did find was the fashion industry. When he came to realize the kind of money you could make by designing clothes for other people to wear he was elated. He was able to latch onto the concept and run with it. It is amazing how fulfilled a person can feel when they see someone walking down the street in an item you created.

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