Orange Button

Every single page on this website has an orange button. Some are obvious, some are subtle, and some are a mystery. But there’s one on every page, and they all lead to a wonderful surprise! It’s rather like putting yourself in the hands of a good age management team. You arrive experiencing loss of muscle mass, slower recovery from exercise and injuries, a decline in sexual function, an increase in abdominal fat, bone thinning, poorer skin quality, loss of strength and cardiovascular conditioning, and slower brain function, and through a combination of education, healthy nutrition, an exercise program, in addition to balancing and optimizing hormone levels when warranted, vitamin / herbal treatments, anti-oxidant and other cellular protective medicines along with general preventative medicine, you can modulate the process of aging prior to the onset of degenerative aging. Finding that orange button of age management medicine can change your life.

Now, that that issue has been dealt with let’s get onto the next challenge at hand: this website is full of pages that are full of words. Sometimes the words will go together to form sentences, and sometimes

But either way, your goal is to track down the orange button on each page. You can click one for a fun little surprise. You can click two for an even better treat. Three will get you a nice reward indeed. But if you can manage to find them all, something wonderful and magical will happen!

Here’s a little hint, in the form of a dichostic emulgram:

Thursday tops the cake with rice

Monday paid the ultimate price

Sunday, Sunday, can’t you see

Tuesday’s run off with homily

Utter leakage in Friday’s tent

Wednesday’s skirt is horribly rent.

Saturday Rocks.

I know some of you out there are nodding already. You’ve got it! I was afraid this one would be too easy. Please don’t tell the rest (it’s so much less fun to figure it out for yourselves!). Head on over to an online casino USA and play some games until everyone is all caught up and we can go on to the next round.

Are we ready? This one is inspired by some particularly exciting online slots that I was playing o’er a fortnight hence (in the style of a Pakistani Whaling Saga):

Diddle, diddle, tawdry frog/ making bunches on a timber hoof

If my band saw band saw tooth/ little Rene’s the one for proof

Cuddle up and listen hard/ Ferdinand’s ball got in your yard.

A bit harder this time, isn’t it? I daresay that caught some of the lesser-endowed members of this here fraternity. But don’t you worry, there are plenty of big orange buttons to go around still…

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